Thursday, 7 July 2005

Troubled times

It has been a long day... went to get my ankle x-rayed. The doctors in Tanjung Medical Centre suspect that it might be a crack fracture. Went to my panel GP to get further consultation. I was then advised to refer to an orthopeadic specialist to have a closer examination, so I went to LGL Specialist Centre. The specialist there said that there was nothing broken/fractured but there might be ligament damage and that there would be further examination on Tuesday. Hopefully everything would be ok. Thank God that there was no fracture.

I'm so grateful to Su Yin for ferrying me around, here and there. She was so patient and understanding even when I was a little frus with all that was happened. She was, in the end, so tired but she did not complain at all. I severely disrupted her schedule as she will be going back to Kuching on Saturday. She is supposed to be preparing for her return but here she is helping me instead. I'd be stupid not to marry her huh?

To top it off, I just heard that 6 explosions has just happened on London's Underground network and on a bus in Central London. News of the incidents are very sketchy. It comes 1 day after London had won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics and on the day the G8 meeting has started. It struck a chord in me as I had frequently traveled on many of the train lines affected when I was in England. Hope and pray that my friend Wei Kheng, who is in London, is ok.

Again, it seems to put my pain in perspective as many people had lost their lives or were seriously injured in the explosions. Lord, let your Holy Spirit comfort and minister to those who are caught up in the incidents in London.

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