Sunday, 24 July 2005

Ramblings part 240705

What a day... today I had to be an usher and a sound man at the same time... never done 2 jobs at the same time before but I think I pulled it off quite well.

Bought this lousy movie called Devilman... its live-action adaptation of a japanese anime/manga series (its about a schoolboy who can transform into a demon, quite a famous manga by Go Nagai). Let me tell you, it sucks like a lemon, not only that... it sucks like a fungus-infested lemon. So its sour and bitter at the same time (trust me on this ok? I've taken enough spoilt food to know what that tastes like!). Yes, its that bad. I know the Japs has a knack of making quirky and weird movies but this one tops it off! Any movie with the boyfriend yelling with a distinct look of disinterest when seeing his beloved girlfriend's head stuck on a pole... done in typical japanese style with eyes open and all (the head, I mean)... deserves to be panned. I don't know if its done to shock or to induce vomit. I nearly had both reactions but for totally the wrong reasons: shocked because its so stupid, vomit cos its so corny... I believed many fans of the original manga series was also up in arms about such a lousy adaptation. Somehow, live-action adaptations of manga/anime usually does not cross the different mediums well... hrmm... Should have gotten some sickly sweet Korean romance comedy... definitely a better way to pass a Sunday afternoon. Sighs... So, anyone wants an unwanted copy of Devilman??? :/

Currently Listening to: God He Reigns, Hillsong Australia. Not too bad but a little formulaic don't you think? Anyone has any recommendations of good P&W albums?

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