Friday, 15 July 2005

Ramblings part 140705

Went to watch Fantastic Four with my friends just now... for free. So nice eh... Wanna just get out for awhile. Leg feels better but walking still a little painful.

During the movie, one of my friends asked me, "What about the 5th guy?", I replied,"Its called Fantastic Four!" (He was actually referring to the other person who got bombarded by radiation... who? Go watch the movie lah... no spoilers here).

Wow... Jessica Alba is cute. Btw, Leslie, the other comic book movie she is acting in is Sin City (but that one is definitely not showing in M'sia).

Wow God has a funny way to show He is listening to you! I was just commenting to an Aunt who came to for lunch that its been awhile since there was torrential rain in Penang, you know, being a tropical country and all... Guess what? It poured like mad just now, with thunder and lightning to boot. Is that awesome or what? God really knows how to put on a show... it goes to show that we've got to be super careful what we muse or wish for... God is ALWAYS listening. :)

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