Tuesday, 28 February 2006


I realise from my chat with Su Yin tonight that...
  1. We are so inconsistent with our feelings and emotions.
  2. Material wealth can become like luggage that we carry around as we travel on this journey on the way home, our eternal home that is... that we must learn to travel light so that if and when God does decide to call us home, it would be so much easier for us. We wouldn't have so much to lug around, you see.
  3. The reason why we feel life is unfair is because we tend to compare with those who seem to have more than us. That is why we are so easily envious of others and why we are all so greedy.


I was thinking about this grandmother's superstition while taking my shower: we are always told by our elders that we should not run after a full meal, if not we will get appendicitis. I think there is some truth in it, though maybe not 100% so.

May I put forward this theory that its because when we run after a meal, the blood that is suppose to be concentrated around the stomach area is now somewhere else. Meaning the food will not be broken down and digested properly, meaning these food will have a higher chance of getting stuck in the appendix cavity. What do you think?

If it is true then I think someone out there would have figured it out by now, so let me know ya. If you have prove to refute this theory, please let me know also. Thanks.

Happy, happy!

Today marks a special milestone between myself and Su Yin... as of today, we have been going out for 3 years and you know what? I still can't get enough of her! :)

Yeah, sure we have our downers too but our relationship has been marked by a lot of significant ups, some of which I will remember for the rest of my life.

Thanks dear, for the journey so far... no regrets whatsoever.

Sunday, 26 February 2006

This is bad...

Long distance relationships are HARD to sustain and maintain... after 3 years of LDR, I am still not getting use to it. There are nice things about it of course, like everytime we see each other again, its like rebooting our relationship and having a new girlfriend every time, which is fun in its own way but then there are plenty of downers too... like what's happening now.

In the past few days, I have been missing the physical intimacy of the relationship... no, its not the SEX bits, all you perversed minds... but the fact that you have someone by your side, someone to hug and hold hands with when you are out and about... someone whose eyes you can look into and see love reflected back. I miss that. I miss having Su Yin around. Its so hard to tease someone over the phone. A lot of physical nuances are lost. It feels so distant and cold...

Only a few months left and she'll be back for good... and so, here I am, holding on... missing her but hoping for... no, knowing that better days are ahead when we see each other again.

First casualty

Wow... I was trawling through some of my friends' blogs today and I noticed that there was one blog that was not updated since October 2005. I guess the person has more life than me. I wonder if we should organise some kind of funeral service for the blog! :) I know AL will rid his blog links of those blogs that are inactive... Hrmm...

Anyways, kudos to XH for running the good race... boos all round to LY for lacking the pace! :) Giving up so soon LY when your darling XH is faithfully posting her Hmms? :)

Edit: Like AL, I'm taking off links that have been inactive for the pass 3 months. I hope those whose blogs have been taken off do not feel too bad about it... don't worry, I will drop in to your site once in awhile and add you once you are abit more consistent with your writing. I'm not criticising your inactivity... just wanna make sure that my links are up-to-date. Thanks.

Good one this...

From Ps. Isaac's "virtual" message today:

"PRAY as if everything depends on GOD, but WORK as if everything depends on YOU!"
- St. Augustine.

Friday, 24 February 2006

What would you do?

I don't know how many people would actually respond to this but what kind of job you want to do or business you want to go into if you had loads and loads of money (think Roman Abramovich or Bills Gates...). Give me your answers in the comments section.

You don't have anything holding you back... you don't have to give me any saintly answers like open a charitable foundation. Feed your dreams! Ok?

Like for me, I'd probs use the money to start up a sundry shop... you know, the traditional kind where there are loads of things everywhere and its always dark and smells funny? Or maybe like the previous posting, start an animation company for myself or... wait for it, buy Manchester United from Mr. Glazer! :)

Use your imagination but keep it clean ok? Maybe got children reading this blog leh? :) I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks. :)

Edit: Looks like no one is interested in this inane survey huh? :) Anyway, here's another way I'd spend my billions: buy up the hotel in Penang Hill, spruce it up, give it a homely feel and start a bed and breakfast to pass time. Not bad right?

Ultimate match-up?

One of the most amazing design for a "baddie" mobile suit in Gundam is Char's Sazabi in Char's Counterattack. This thing is one hot mecha.

I wonder which MS will win if I pit this monster against the MSA-0011[Ext] Ex-S Gundam?

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Attention: chicken crossing the road...

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from the stupid bird flu lah...

Thoughts to ponder:
Apparently it is ok to consume chicken meat after being cooking it well. Even if this is so, you still have to handle the meat to prepare it for cooking, right? Yeah, yeah, some of you will say that you can use gloves but you still use your HANDS to take the gloves off right? What if the virus is on the surface of the glove then??? Hrmm...

Anyway, no more half-boiled eggs for me until this whole thing blows over.

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Making movies

If I have loads and loads of money, I will put some of it to create the Gundam Sentinel movie or OVA (original video animation). Why? Cos this novelisation of the Gundam series has one of the most impressive mechas around (check out the Ex-S Gundam above, impressive eh?).

Let you on a little secret: Ever since I was 6 years old, I've always wanted to do create my very own animated feature length movie. Its true... me and my friend, Chong Kin Keong... that's our dream. Hrm... I wonder if it would ever come to pass?

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

United we stand

Got an idea... why don't all the teams that are facing Chelsea for the remainder of the season come together and share notes to find a way to beat them?

Well, MU did it... and so did Middlesborough... Will that help? Somehow, I think not... :(

Devastated about Alan Smith... but I know he will recover soon. He's a fighter... one of my favorite player.

MU out of the FA Cup... what to do? They do not have a proper midfielder... Come on MU, go get Javier Mascherano to protect the back four and another guy as reserve! Aldo Duscher maybe? As for a creative midfielder, what about Rafael Van Der Vaart? Do something lah, please...

Ok... that's the end of my rant... Whew...

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Special day?

Happy Valentine's day to everyone... not that it holds much significance to me cos Su Yin and I have never celebrated it together in our almost 3 years of courtship... still, there are some things you'd just have to do...

My dearest Su Yin,

Though we can't celebrate this day (again!), I would like to use this day to remember the many "Valentine's" days that we have everytime see each other... though those days have been few and far between... thanks for the special love that you've showered me and thanks for the effort you have put in to make this relationship a success. You are God's special, special gift to me and I want to tell you what an honour and a privilege it is for me to have you as, first, my friend, then my girl-friend, fiancee and hopefully... my soon-to-be wife. I love you and I hope that everyday would be a "Valentine's day" to us in the truest way.

Happy Valentine's day, baby.


Wow! I did not realise this but my last post was the 200th post in this blog... its like Van Nistelrooy scoring his 200th goal for MU. So... cheers to me! (Somehow that sounded really lame).

Hopefully, I can sustain this for another 200 posts more and beyond. :)

Monday, 13 February 2006

Genie in a bottle...

Why do we sometimes treat God like a genie in a bottle? Turning to Him only when we need him, rubbing our hands together, hoping that He will come and rescue us or give us what we want. I admit that I am guilty also of doing this from time to time but is that the main reason why we become a Christian?

Why do we take God as a cure-all? Do we really believe that after accepting Christ, all our problems will disappear? Isn't that just naive because we have to realise that when we become Christians, we are not joining another religion but are beginning an eternal relationship with the Most High God. Experience on this earth would have told us that being in a relationship is one of the hardest things to do in this life. This is especially hard when one party is holy and perfect and the other is not...


Thursday, 9 February 2006

Its so easy

It is so easy for us to be envious of what other people have and take for granted what we DO have. I'm afraid I'm guilty of falling into this trap time and time again. It is sosick true that everything in this world is drawing us in 3 ways, through our eyes, our desires and our pride. We do so much to go after all these things that we forget that all these things would mean nothing to us when we die.

The only way to combat this is to really fix our eyes on God and be consciously thankful for everything, good or bad, that He has allowed us to have... the good to bless us, and the bad to help us grow to be more like Him.

Lord, I thank you for what you've so richly blessed me with. Family, fiancee and friends to love... a job to work in... a home to live in... food to eat... clothes to wear... Thank you Lord. Thank you also for trials, illness and problems that come my way too, cos it allows You to work in me, and through me. Thank you for all that You've done for me, for being there for me time and time again... Thanks.

Sunday, 5 February 2006

If I were a sports car...

I just found out that...

I'm a Lamborghini Murcielago!

Results: You're not subtle, but you don't want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way. In a world full of sheep, you're a raging bull.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.