Friday, 24 February 2006

What would you do?

I don't know how many people would actually respond to this but what kind of job you want to do or business you want to go into if you had loads and loads of money (think Roman Abramovich or Bills Gates...). Give me your answers in the comments section.

You don't have anything holding you back... you don't have to give me any saintly answers like open a charitable foundation. Feed your dreams! Ok?

Like for me, I'd probs use the money to start up a sundry shop... you know, the traditional kind where there are loads of things everywhere and its always dark and smells funny? Or maybe like the previous posting, start an animation company for myself or... wait for it, buy Manchester United from Mr. Glazer! :)

Use your imagination but keep it clean ok? Maybe got children reading this blog leh? :) I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks. :)

Edit: Looks like no one is interested in this inane survey huh? :) Anyway, here's another way I'd spend my billions: buy up the hotel in Penang Hill, spruce it up, give it a homely feel and start a bed and breakfast to pass time. Not bad right?

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