Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Special day?

Happy Valentine's day to everyone... not that it holds much significance to me cos Su Yin and I have never celebrated it together in our almost 3 years of courtship... still, there are some things you'd just have to do...

My dearest Su Yin,

Though we can't celebrate this day (again!), I would like to use this day to remember the many "Valentine's" days that we have everytime see each other... though those days have been few and far between... thanks for the special love that you've showered me and thanks for the effort you have put in to make this relationship a success. You are God's special, special gift to me and I want to tell you what an honour and a privilege it is for me to have you as, first, my friend, then my girl-friend, fiancee and hopefully... my soon-to-be wife. I love you and I hope that everyday would be a "Valentine's day" to us in the truest way.

Happy Valentine's day, baby.

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