Thursday, 30 June 2005

Dead HDD

I think my backup HDD just died on me... I'm not 100% sure but I hope its just the cabling. I do know that external laptop HDD casings have very fragile cables. Hope its just that. Will pray for a miracle so that I dun have to spend some more money. Quite broke liao and the new month has not begun! :(

I wonder if God does answer prayers about restoring electronic equipment???

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Meaningless, meaningless

Waiting for class to start. 5 minutes more. Don't feel like doing anything... nothing much to blog too but just feel like writing something to pass time.

Its the middle of the week, what do you expect???

Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Haloscan trackback service

Hi guys, Haloscan trackback have been added to this blog. Trackbacks will allow me to know if anyone one of you have blogged about me or my posts in your postings and give me a link back to that post of yours.

For anyone using Blogger, it is very easy to set up. All you need to do is just go to the website, sign up and the instructions will take you through the steps of setting up trackbacks for your weblog. Join up will ya?

Real life Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Just finished watching the movie and it got me thinking: how long is it going to be until me and Su Yin's gonna just go through the motions when we are married? Its really strange but its happening in the real world. There are a lot of Mr and Mrs Smith out there, out of touch with each other as they go through their busy schedules and feeling very frustrated. Although they might not fight with each other with guns n knives like in the movie, but a lot of married couples do fight with words and cold shoulders instead, and sometimes i think its even more painful and hurting to use the latter.

Even in our relationship right now, there are times when Su Yin and I will quarrel for the smallest reasons and yet I do know both of us love each other very much. There's just a lot of unmet expectations that we brought into the relationship. The question is, how do we avoid such problems? Or are they unavoidable? If so, how do we overcome them?

There are many advices given by lots of people, Christian and secular, and I have read or heard of some of these advices, like resolve your issues before going to bed, argue objectively, don't point fingers, refrain from using hurtful words, don't bring up the past and stuff... Some of these advices are good, and do-able, and others easier said than done. Still, it has to rely on one element, and that is that the couple both carry them out and often that is not the case. Usually one party is so blinded by rage that he/she does not see the both of them as one but only at him/herself. The other party is so desperate to keep it together that he/she gives in, or worse both parties just won't take the first step. Who says a relationship is easy.

There is no secret formula nor is there a perfect plan for a relationship. Relationships are made out of 2 people from very different worlds, coming together and deciding to trust the other with his/her feelings, likes and dislikes, strength and weaknesses... hoping that it will all work out.

I believe we all can but it does take a lots of effort, patience, tolerance, love, prayers from both parties AND a whole lot of God's favor to make it work and that's the hard part... but if it does work, it is beautiful, not perfect (as we are always working towards perfection) but beautiful. :)

Sunday, 26 June 2005

Evil Microsoft empire

You know something? I think that's something seriously wrong about Microsoft's Windows software updates. Of the 2 computers I just reformatted and reinstalled with Windows, both gave me some serious problems after updating them... and one of them I used the original software given by the computer manufacturer? What the???

So right now, I have decided to turn off the automatic updates function for both comp... each running on SP1. Now both seems to be running fine. I figure if I try to minimise my use of MS products then it should be ok. Its risky I know but I am not going to reinstall my desktop n my fiancee's laptop for the umpteenth time liao!!!

Does anyone know what I can do? If so, I would much appreciate it if you can leave your comments for me...

Does Emperor Palpatine bears a striking resemblance to a certain richest man on earth???
The evil empire strikes again! :(

Saturday, 25 June 2005

I want, I want!

If there is a car that I would dream about right now it has to be this one - the Nissan X-Trail.

If not then this one would do - a souped-up Perodua MyVI.

Friday, 24 June 2005


Thank you Lord for reminding me that I have friends and its important to have them around you. Lately I have been very out of my circle of friends. Seeing them less and less, its wholly my own fault. Its not my relationship with Su Yin that made me reluctant to go anywhere, its just me... However, its great to have friends who still love me for who I am, and not what I have.

Thanks Jocelyn for coming back to Penang. If not, I'd be too lethargic to meet up with Leslie and Xe Hui. Sorry about the apartment, I'll make sure its more "occupied" the next time. Sorry for not making more time for you.

Thanks to Leslie and Xe Hui for accepting me for who I am and for not pushing me away. Next time, I'll FORCE Aki to make the banana, cheese and ham pancake for you ok? :) Though, I really doubt that bananas and ham would go well together... well, one man's meat and all that. :)

Most of all, thanks Su Yin for being my best friend and for loving this funny character. Its hard sometimes to be patient with me but I am thankful that you have been so. No regrets, dear... ;)


Is it me or am I slow when it comes to catching up with things in the Malaysian blogsphere? Anyway... its oklah, blogging is not about keeping up with the Joneses. Its about me, my thoughts and I, right?

Which M'sian blogger are you?

Congratulations Danny Chen, you are...

minishorts of

You are outgoing, direct, smart, pretty, and a definite go-getter. You are frank, a little too frank perhaps that sometimes you get on people's nerves and make them very upset. If people attack you, you hit back with triple the force without blinking because you are the kind of person who knows exactly what you are talking about or else you wouldn't talk about it. Your quick-thinking is what makes you special. You are an elitist.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Give it a try... tell me your results, ok?

Thursday, 23 June 2005

Happy 2nd B'day PPS

Happy 2nd Anniversary PPS!!!

What is PPS? Project Petaling Street, its like a malaysian blogsphere portal... come to think of it, it IS Malaysia's only blogsphere portal (can someone confirm this for me please? Alvin?).

So if you are a Malaysian and blogs regularly/irregularly... give it a try why wun ya? :)

PMS and me

I had a look at Alvin's blog today had an article about PMS and its something that I have to deal with every month. No... its not me who has PMS but Su Yin who experience very, very BAD mood swings, (though no cramps so far, which is good for her). What do I do? Urm, watch my words, give copious amounts of hugs and kisses and generally try to be nice to her lor.

Chocolates do not work with her cos she does not like them. I have learnt to read the signs and take cover most of the time lor, although sometimes I do step on a landmine with my mouth and KABOOM!!! :) Otherwise, Su Yin is very, very sweet when everything is normal.

Its really not her fault that she has mood swings as its not something she can control. So for 1 week in a month I become my alter-ego: Danny, the human punching bag! :) Would I change it for anything in the world? NEVER, cos its part of her and like everything in life, you have to take the good and not so good right? I'm not perfect either and I quote my mom, "In a relationship, its very important for the both of you to learn how to give and take". Hence, when it comes to PMS, its my turn to give...

Update: Alvin is correct, in the case of PMS, its me doing both the giving (love, patience and affection) and taking (moodiness, tantrums, cold stares and of course, the blows!) but other times, I;m so glad that Su is so patient with me, especially when I go DVD shopping... but that's another story altogether. :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Dream Team

If I have money like Roman Abramovich and have my own team named Xienyao United, I'd buy these players:

- Iker Casillas

- Ashley Cole
- Rio Ferdinand
- John Heitinga

- Cristiano Ronaldo
- Ronaldinho
- Xabi Alonso
- Joaquin

- Wayne Rooney
- Fernando Torres

- Pter Cech
- Steven Gerrard
- Bastian Schwiensteiger
- Vincent Kompany
- Steward Downing
- Kaka
- Nigel De Jong
(Note: Champions League allows 7 reserves.)

So, what do you think? Make up your own list and lets compare notes. :)

Machine ageing process

Sighs... Moore's law, the bane of all computer buyers. Just 2 months after I got my Compaq notebook, I found out that it is now only rm3000 and is going obsolete soon. :( So fast! I guess that's the price you pay for advancement in technology. So what am I going to do now? Nothing, cos actually it was a good buy at the time. I was given free RAM, pendrive, USB speakers, floppy drive and mini optical mouse... consolation? You bet! :)

Ramblings - part 220605

My mind is a blank right now... had a long day yesterday, and Su Yin's not well, but its ok, I can take it. :)

I've been sprucing up my bloggo... I'm beginning to think that I'm getting carried away, something I do often. Getting carried away with stuff, lose track of what I am supposed to do.

Anyway, I've been sprucing up my bloggo, and its actually quite fun. I've had this small part of Blogosphere for about 9 months now. Its only within these 2 months that I've done some serious blogging. I never knew there was so much to on this part of the Internet. Its really amazing how blogging has grown.

Its a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings, and its a good way to keep in touch with my friends, their lives and their experiences. In fact, its the only way I keep up to date with my brother's life in OZland (sad but true, everytime he calls home, I'm either not at home or not at home!). I think this will definitely supersede personal websites as a way to express ourselves (what am I talking about? I don't know...).

Ok, I've run out of things to say... so I guess I'd better stop... hey, is this thing still on?

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Food, glorious food

For those waiting for Food favourites - part 2, you'll have to wait awhile. I dunno how but the list seems to grow longer on its own as I keep coming up with more types of food that I like (and dare I say, the list is not exhaustive!). Moreover, it is very hard to write and salivate at the same time. Ya, I have the dreaded PFL Syndrome... Penang Food Lover Syndrome. :) So it may take sometime for me to compile this list...

Thank you for your patience. Now where is my hankerchief?...

Getting older

Sighs... i found it so hard to wake up this morning. As I get older, its harder to stay up till late and only catch a few hours of sleep and still function at my best. Thank God that the new class I'm taking is lively (they are a good bunch, not too difficult to handle but have to be careful not to let them climb over my head).

Anyway, you'll know that you're OLDER (to me at least) when...
1. You find it harder to get out of bed... literally and figuratively.
2. Stairs are beginning to be a pain.
3. 2 bowls of rice is a challenge when 10 years ago, 8 bowls was not enough.
4. You drive more cautiously and don't take unnecessary risks.
5. Its harder to get rid of the fat around your belly.
6. You begin to eat the things your parents like to eat, like brinjal, bitter gourd, oats...
7. You keep forgetting why you are standin in the room.

Of course, it may be that I have not exercised regularly for the past 1 year but that's another story...

Monday, 20 June 2005

Now that's how you make a Batman movie

Finally, the people at Warner Bros have come to their senses and did what they should have done all these while after the "nipples on the suit" scandal in its last outing... a real, true to its origin, Batman movie - Batman Begins.

I won't go through too much about the movie because there's a lot of stuff out there already and I'm rather sleepy... but its definitely one of the must-see movies of the year and the best comicbook to movie adaptation I've ever seen, even, dare I say it..., better than Spiderman and X-Men, and to me, the latter adaptations are really up there in terms of story and characterisation is concerned. Moreover, the movie was such a roller coaster ride that didn't feel like it was 2+ hours long while still able to flesh out the important characters in the Batman story.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, man... this guy is having fun! :) and Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, I never thought I'd see in a good-guy role but he is so Jim Gordon. I now realise what a good actor he is, when he played baddies, you hated him but in the movies, I was rooting for him. Too cool!

Christian Bale as Batman, brilliant. He really played Batman/Bruce Wayne really well. One of the most memorable scenes was when Alfred, played by Michael Caine (another veteran who really was at his best) reminded Bruce that if he is to succeed in his plans to be Batman, he had to live a double life and the movies should him struggling with that initially, and I thought it was great bcos most times, in comics and other movies, most writers would portray Bruce as enjoying his uber-rich playboy lifestyle, that it came to him naturally as if he was born into that kind of lifestyle.

Btw, you noticed I didn't mention Katie Holmes at all? Hehe...

I like everything about the movie, you should ask Su Yin. I was like wow... the whole time. So what do I like most about the movie? It has got to be the Batmobile... it looks like the one in Dark Knight Returns... a real tank of a car... not some wimpy glow in the dark thingie with fake jet engine... this one really kick the behind!!! and I quote Jim Gordon in the movie. "I really gotta get one of these...".

Wish the fight scene were not so messy though... couldn't really see Batman fight as he would have after acquiring all those fighting skills. If Keanu Reeves can do it, so can Christian Bale.

Burger King, Burger King, Burger King!!!

Can someone tell me why are the franchisees of Burger King not opening an outlet in Penang?! It has got to be the bestest fast-food burger I've ever tasted. Of cos, it cannot beat our very own Malaysian Ramli-dodgymeatsource-Burger, which is closest to burger heaven, but compared to McDonalds, Whopper beats the Big Mac hands down. As an added incentive for conversion, all you Penang McD lovers, just buy the S-sized value meal and you get a all-you-can-drink-till-you-develop-diabetes soft drink offer thrown in for FREE!!! What more can a Penangite want???

Dear Burger King management, if you are reading this... get your Whoppers and free drinks offer up here soon or else, I'll go down there and beg you to bring it up!!! Don't let me do it, it will be very embarassing and excruciating to watch...

There... I feel better now...

Sunday, 19 June 2005

Whoa... Happy Father's Day!!!

Nearly forgot to do it... still not too late. To all fathers, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

To my own dad, Happy Father's Day! I don't know if he will ever find his way to my site but I know by now that parents are not as clueless as they let you think they are! :)

Must endeavour to remember this as it will be an important date that I may want people to remember sooner or later :)

Saturday, 18 June 2005

Sarong party girl

One blogsite that has been getting a lot of attention in the media lately has been Sarong Party Girl's blog. There was a big blow up in Singapore (she's a Singaporean) when the media highlighted the fact that she published nude pictures of herself in her blogsite. I went to the blogsite to have a read to find out what it is all about and I realised she was doing what a blogger would do, put in whatever she wanted to (Actually, there was only one nude photograph, in black and white, not much different from some professional nude photographs you can see in galleries in western countries). However, as she was from Singapore, she got a lot of flak in it.

I'm not writing in support of her or condemn her what she did. I don't know whether she did it for publicity or just for the sake of it. Personally, I think she went a little too far but I know I can't, and won't, judge her because I have no right to do so, my own life has enough potholes of its own for me to deal with. You know, the plank in the eye thing?

Moreover, its HER blog and she is the only one who is responsible in deciding what she puts in her blog. That's what a blog is right? A weblog, a web journal... except it can be read by the rest of the world, if they want to. So I guess she should have known what reaction it would provoke. At least she realised, albeit belatedly, that she has to keep in mind how her actions can affect the people closest to her.

And so, I'm concentrating on the silver lining that i came to see in that blog instead of that one picture. While reading through her blog, I noticed that she is actually from a Christian family, or at least her father is a Christian, and that even in a situation like this, God's hand is still on her. Despite and in spite of her ultra liberal views and values about life and everything in between, she still mentioned that she appreciates her father's prayer for her. It made me realised that God is still watching over her and I'm sure He has not given up on her and that gives me hope, not only for her, but for me as well. For I know I am one who has disappointed Him time and again.

Yet God loves me so much that He can't help but to keep hanging on to me, reminding me that He is near and that He never left me to fend on my own. God indeed is LOVE and that indeed is profound and AWESOME. For that, I know there is still hope, for me and for sarong party girl.

Friday, 17 June 2005

Food favourites - Part 1

My favourite Penang food (may not be the best to others but its the best to me):
Best Wantan Mee - behind Penang Plaza.
It was so good that everytime I ordered this, I had its special: 3 bor mee (3 portions of noodles instead of the normal 1). I can never tire of eating their noodles. Sadly the family who operated the business decided to quit when they lost the home they were staying in due to the Quit Rent issue (They operated from their home, in the alleyway behind their house). So I'm afraid you can't taste this glorious dish of noodles anymore... :(

Best Mee Goreng/Rebus - formerly Edgecumbe Road, now at MPPP foodcourt, Gurney Drive.
Another one that I don't mind eating everyday. My usual orders: 1 mee goreng, 1 mee rebus, Add vinegar provided, as you like it, to the mee rebus, finish the noodles and pour the leftover gravy into the mee goreng, making it mee basah. Glorious! The best mee goreng/rebus stall, in my humble opinion that is. Most would differ, preferring the one at Bangkok Lane.

Best Bak Kut Teh - Air Itam Road, after the Farlim junction towards Air Itam, before Indian temple.
I forgot the name of this one (Mike Ng finally helped me with this one: Beng Heang. Thanks Mike!), nice... a little pricer than the rest but they have all the ingredients I like and the soup is perfect.

Best Hokkien Mee - Chiu Jang Ka (Under the Trees), Off Burmah Road.
My current favourite. It a stall among an unorganised group of hawkers selling their stuff under a cluster of trees, hence its name. The soup is exquisite, the bee hoon and bean sprouts are not cooked too long and soggy and if you order the rm2.50 version, you'll get a very big bowl for size (both literally and in terms of serving).

Best Char Hor Fun - coffee shop at the corner of the famous Sar Tiau Lor (3rd Street) food stalls.
The noodles are fried just nice, with a nice hint of smoky fragrance. Portions are abit small but it costs only rm2 so I'm not complaining.

Best Roti Canai - Ibrahim's, Pulau Tikus, same row as the police station, next to the newsstand.
This classic hang out of ISCA youths of old has the best roti canai. Not the cleanest though, many a strong stomach (such as myself yao hua, willie and joel) has succumb to the runs after consuming copious amounts of the roti.. So be warned. Only for the strong stomached.

Best Banana Leaf Rice - Vaiduri, Penang CBD.
One of the cheapest around, no frills but they have spruced up the place in view of the competition around. Food also good, again no frilss but healthy portions. This is one food that they should intro to impoverished Malaysian Uni students all over the world. Why? Cos its rice, curry, vege and papadam refills are absolutely FREE!!!

Best Malay Rice - Opposite Ratu Mutiara apartments, Tanjong Bunga.
2 stalls there, I order from both. Vegetables from the middle stall and the rest, especially the fried chicken and the kuah, from the one on the right. Bears all the Penang hallmark (big, cheap and good!). Enough said.

Best Nasi Lemak - Catholic sisters, Tanjong Bunga Market.
Not your typical malay nasi lemak, this one is sold by 2 Chinese sisters of the Catholic faith. Very nice, especially its ikan bilis sambal (my favourite) and chicken curry (Willie's favourite).

Best Laksa - Coffee shop next to the Balik Pulau market.
2 stalls famous in Balik Pulau. Go to the one operated by an old lady. It serves both Penang assam laksa and also Siam laksa lemak, Best if ask for a mix of both... nice.

Best Chendol: Sidelane off Penang Road, between Kimberley Street and Prangin Road.
2 stalls here, go to the one on the right, next to the coffee shop (which btw, also serves good char koey teow and laksa, though, in my opinion, not the best), as you enter the one way street. Still the best by far.

Best ABC: Swatow Lane.
Go to the one at the roadside, that's the original one. You can top the ABC up with ice cream or fruits or both! Price is not too bad and plenty of other good food around.

Best Beef Noodles/Rice: Junction of Beach Street and Chulia Street.
Run by young 2 ladies, it serves the best "Gu Bak" noodles and rice (Personally I like rice better). The soup is thick, flavourful and sweet and you get all different parts of the cow (if you like that) in it too.

Best Penang-style Chee Cheong Fun: Genting Coffee Shop, Island Glades, opposite SM Hamid Khan.
They mix peanut butter with the prawn paste, really creamy and tasty. The cheong fun is also soft and smooth.

Oklah, that's all for now. Wait for part 2. :)

Free SMS? Not likely...

I wonder how many people have been tempted by this offer. Although it offers free sms for you, everytime it sends an sms to you are charged a bomb! For those who have already signed up, deregister quickly or else you'll see your mobile account rack up a huge bill. For those you have not, don't ever, ever register... avoid it like the plague.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Thursday, 16 June 2005

Empty nest

Read today's comic strips in the newspaper. The Lois character in the Hi and Lois strip said that seeing an empty nest always bring a tear to her eye. My mom recently hinted to me that she doesn't like the house to be devoid of people, as my sis and bro has already left home and settled down in Australia. My cousin, who is staying with us, is also planning to move out soon. I know eventually that I have to leave too when Su and I go off to start our own home. It made me start thinking how do we cope with this empty nest syndrome or at least help those who are in this position? How do we fill the how with sound again after living in a house always filled with people?

I really don't know but I do know we are never really alone. As Christians, we will always have the best companion ever, the Holy Spirit to guide us, counsel us, comfort us, encourage us and fill us with God's love.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your constant presence within us, keeping us company when we feel lonely and warning us when we are in danger. Thank You for being so patient with us. Just wanted You to know that I really am grateful for Your quiet but real presence in my life. Thank You.

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Dream home

As near to my dream place to stay as it can get... Posted by Hello


I know its a bit late but here's my new year... no... make that mid-year resolution:

1) Lost weight.
2) Be more focused.
3) Don't force people to do what I think is the right thing to do.

Being happy

I had an online chat with my "daughter" Jocelyn and it made me realised that we are not here in this world to make people happy but we should be happy around people, especially those we love. We don't do that often, do we?

We can't please people all the time also and that the Person that we can easily please the most is God. We don't do that often too, do we?

Lose weight

Got an ultimatum from Su Yin, its either my fat tummy goes or she goes. I have to make a commitment with myself to lose the rolling midriff then. Its the daily struggle that gets to me. She asks me why is it so difficult for me to get going... I really have no answer to that, cos I know I can do it. Its for my own good too. Excess weight is straining my body. It has to work this time. I did it before, once in UK, once in the land of Oz. So, i should be able to do it... sighs.

Father, help me to take care of Your Spirit's dwelling place. I will myself to this endeavour. Amen.


Found an interesting website that gives you tips on how to do almost anything... or at least that's what they are aiming for. Anyway, the website is called eHow, click on this link to get to it. Go have a look... really interesting.

Tuesday, 14 June 2005


Its so easy to doubt God. What a test I had on Sunday in church. Went out to be prayed for by a visiting speaker for my right eye which has been giving me a whole load of problems lately. Keep watering up for no apparent reason, found out from the Net that it could be a blocked tear duct.
Anyway, i stood there... for one and a half hours! What a way to be tested... I was bypassed time and again. By the time I thought it would be my turn finally, 3 elderly ladies came and stood by me! Tested again! But I told myself I want to meet God today, even if it means embarassing myself. Finally, he got to me, prayed, told me if it didn't get any better to see the doctor. (The speaker was a medical doctor by profession). I definitely did not want to go see the doctor as it meant, putting a needle into my tear duct to unblock it.
After the prayer, still nothing! I told myself, "OH NO!!! This cannot be!" Obviously, I left feeling very disappointed. However, as I was driving back, the still small voice reminded me of this verse that I read before. (I can't even remember the verse!) It went something like "I believe in You, Lord, forgive my unbelief." (Found out later it was: "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!") and guess what? The tears slowly began to dry up. When it started to water again, I repeated the verse again, and again, and again.
I really wanted to believe that God is real. I have been walking further and further away from God lately. I have never been so far away from Him. I guess I was so desperate to have Him back but I now know, He never was away...

P.S. Just in case u wanted to know, the verse was Mark 9:24

Monday, 13 June 2005

Wake up call

Why does it always takes the most hurtful words from the person you love most to wake you up?

Observations... from the driver's seat

Yesterday, while driving back home after dropping Su off at her place, I got really annoyed... AGAIN... by the ways the drivers in Penang behave on the road. What a contrast between KL and Penang drivers. Yes, KL drivers are really aggresive and fast but in terms of road courtesy, most of them will beat us Penangites hands down. Of course there are a few who will try to bully you cos you drive a Penang plated car but most are ok. Penang drivers do not turn on the indicator when they turn or change lanes, if you do indicate, they will accelerate to block you off. Red traffic lights means go as you wish here in Penang and yellow boxes are meant for you to park in it, blocking traffic at the same time...
However, just as I was telling myself that I have absolutely no respect for such people, a still small voice asked me this question: "Why can't you extend the grace that God has shown you when you did something wrong?" Yes, it is undeserved but I realised that it is exactly what I need to do. Extend God's grace to people I think do not deserve them. That's exactly what grace is.
Funny how most of my musings originate from the point of view of the driver's seat. Maybe its because my car radio is "kaputed". So maybe some of us needs to just switch off the car radio once in awhile and spend some time listening to you own voice and the other still small voice that accompanies as all the time, but is ignored by most of us, most of the time...

Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Chelski revolution or revulsion?

Chelsea seems to think that their wealth allows them to do whatever they want. Tapping up a player here, enticing a sporting director there. When will it all end? They did well the past season, got themselves a great if not endearing manager and used their money to get the right people at the right place and at the same time, the existing players blossomed at the same time. However, for all their achievements, recent events has somewhat soured their achievements and efforts. Sighs... are they going to be the most hated team in England? I think they already are, taking over the dubious title from Manchester United. At least now MU can concentrate on reworking and rebuilding their team, as long as the fans get behind the team regardless of what has happened at ownership level. Arsenal is working at rebuilding as well. Liverpool seems to be going through their own revolution. Is it going to be an interesting season for 2005/06? You betcha! ;)

Monday, 6 June 2005

Ups and downs

God, why am I in this hole that I make for myself? I really want to live my life for You but I keep slipping back into the muddy hole that I wallow in everyday. I really want this to be true:

"The LORD is my shepherd;
I shall not want.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the LORD
Forever." - Psalm 23

Thursday, 2 June 2005

A-1 Headlines

If there is a HK movie that is worth watching from 2004, it has to be A-1 Headlines. Starring Anthony Wong Chau-Sang and Angelica Lee Sin-Jie, it can be considered a whodunit kind of drama. It has a well-paced story but more importantly its how the actors interact with each other that really caught my eye.
Anthony Wong has got to be THE HK actor for me currently. No matter how badly directed/scripted a movie it is, he can manage to bring it alive somehow with his screen presence. He is like good wine, matures well with age.
Go catch it on DVD, VCD, video or whatever...

Big car, big ego

Why is it that people with bigger cars seems to have less decency and common sense?

Wednesday, 1 June 2005

1st Annual Gasolene Awards 2005

Best Petrol: BP
(Reason: After much testing and searching, I have, in my own opinion, decided that BP petrol gives my Sunny Boy the best power and mileage. How do I know? All I can say is that I can feel the difference!)

Best Petrol Station: BP Green Lane
(Reasons: Friendly staff, willing to let you combine your petrol payment with your miscellaneous payments and the petrol pump, though old, is a breeze to control...)

Lousiest Petrol: Shell
(Reason: really sucks big time... apparently its due to its low octane level in its petrol. Performance of the car really drops!)

Lousiest Petrol Station: Shell Green Lane
(Reason: the lady at the counter is the rudest woman on this planet, she looks and sounds as if she as a bad case of double haemorrhoids on her!)

Note: How can 2 petrol stations, just 500 meters apart can be so different? Well, they can and its evident right here in Penang! :( Anyway, the above awards only covers the Penang island. Other places, I don't know and if you want, you can do your own research and release your own results and awards! :P

Faithful God

This I cannot comprehend but am eternally grateful for...

"If we are faithless, He remains faithful..." 2 Timothy 2:13

Conflicts starts from mere nothingness

Why do we humans argue over the most inconsequential things and then let it simmer till its too late?