Monday, 31 July 2006

GSC sucks

Went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last wednesday night at GSC Gurney Plaza... felt like Davy Jones served us the Dead Man's Cheat instead... cos GSC decided to throw out the customer-first mentality and gave us movie-goers the don't-mind-them-losers-turn-off-the-audio-track-when-we-feel-like-it attitude.

IT SO SUCKS... 5 whole minutes of watching the movie in mute mode!!! If I hadn't walked out and pointed it out to the attendants, nothing would have been fixed! Grrr!!!

The funny thing is that when the adverts were on, the audio tracks worked just fine! Stupid...

Mind you, I'm not the first person to have a really bad experience at this so-called high class, professional cineplex... once a friend of mine watched the movie upside down for quite awhile before the technicians realised it!

I remember when I was watching movies at the old-style cinemas, we did not have much problems like this... and the film technician was an old man in his pagoda shirt! I must admit the place was not as decent and clean as the current swanky cineplexes but it managed to give us what we paid for... no stops, no mute mode, nothing... just good plain movies.

And oh, when it says 5.00pm on the ticket the movie actually starts at the stated time, not like the cineplexes where we are subjected to advertisements that lasted up to 30 minutes...

The food that we got was uniquely tied in to the movie-going experience too... kua-chis, kacang putih, burger, packet drinks that came in all sorts of colours, the small cinema tuck-shop... add in the rats, cockroaches, cigarette smoke, dirty floors and equally dirty old man that chose to sit next to girls... those were the days...

One of the most interesting experience you can have in the cinema is to watch one of those mid-night movies that usually was shown on a friday or saturday night. Never seen so many people waiting for the movies to start!

Oh, another one of those unique experiences... trying to squeeze THROUGH the cinema doors as people were trying to get OUT... also the curtains and the smelly toilets located IN the cinema, either at the back or at the front next to the cinema screen...

Sighs... sometimes I wished the old style cinemas are still around... at least they have character.

Thursday, 20 July 2006

God still hears

I am amazed how God is so eager to hear from us and answers our prayers... just like how our earthly fathers being eager to bless us with good gifts, except God is so much more eager...

Thank you... Abba, Father...

Monday, 17 July 2006

I still heart Man Utd

Its tough being a Man Utd fan lately... every player of ours seem to want away, at least one is confirmed as going.... and not many good player seems to want to join us... sighs.

Its oklah, through good times and bad times... its easy to love something or someone when things are going fine. Its when times are bad when your faith, love, loyalty and support for that someone or something is really tested.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

One month hiatus...

I've not been blogging for almost a month now... and I guess its because so many things was happening... no, not only was the World Cup on but I had a lot of work to be done in the office and much travelling to do because of Swee's wedding... Tired but satisfactory.

You know something, I did not watch that many World Cup matches this time... maybe its because of the time difference... I guess I treasured my sleeping time more than the football. I think through out the whole month of World Cup, I must have watched less than a dozen matches max. Hrm... at least Su Yin is not a World Cup widow huh? :)