Sunday, 27 February 2011

My nose is running away...

Cold, cold go away...
Let my nose clear up today... :(

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My kinda watch! :)

I've just found out about Sony Ericsson's upcoming accessory product called LiveView. Its got to be the coolest gadget out there and as a lover of watches, I think this concept will take watches into a new dimension... merging another important equipment in our lives, our timepieces, with another, our phones. The amount of possibilities and functions you can add is limitless. I can't wait to see what developers can do with this concept! :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


As bad as Microsoft is, no other IT company makes life a living HELL more than Apple (the company, not the fruit... which I love). Its so hard to transfer songs from my comp to my iPod Shuffle! I thought I could use one of those iPod alternatives... but after I tried a few, all I got was I need to use iTunes to sync my music! I don't want to use iTunes to sync cos its so un-user-friendly. After a few tries, I gave up.

So now I am back at square-1 trying to install iTunes and restoring the stupid device's default setting and looks like I have to use iTunes again.


Monday, 21 February 2011

Listening Ear

Radio stations I like to listen to:
  1. BBC Radio 4 (News, Current Affairs, Arts & Culture)
  2. BBC Radio 5 Live (News, Chat & Sports)
  3. BBC Radio 7 (Comedy & Drama)
  4. BBC World Service (World News & Current Affairs)
  5. Classic FM (Classical)
  6. RTHK Radio 4 (Classical)
  7. RTHK Radio 5 (HK Opera)
  8. Shonan Beach FM (Easy Listening, Jazz & Classical)
  9. WNYC (News & Culture)


For those of you who have been to my blog previously, you would notice that I've "renovated" my blog slightly to make it look fresher. I like it... and I hope you do too. I'll try to keep it updated as time permits.

I realise this is a good place for me to rant and rave about general stuff and it also keeps my written English from becoming rusty. Good eh? :)

Oklah... stay tuned and here's to a more updated 2011 :)

Bad Tune

Tune hotel just forfeited my credits in my account without informing me. This really sucks. The credit was also the result of me booking a room for my in-laws in KL without realising that Tune hotel require the person booking to be present for the stay as well. When I asked them why Airasia can book, Tune cannot... they say they are different companies with different policies...

Says a lot about the whole setup doesn't it... :P


Friday, 18 February 2011

Wishes do come true... kinda :)

I was reading my older postings and I found this wish-list that I wrote about 8 months ago... and I realised that I have actually fulfilled some of my own wishes! Not by much though... :/

So lets go through the list again...

Things that I want(ed):
1. High-end Desktop PC. - DONE. Not as high spec as I wanted but enough for now.
2. Watches - an Orient dress watch and the New Casio Protrek multi-function watch. - NOPE
3. Mobile phone - either a HTC or Nokia. - NOPE
3. Victorinox knives and tools. - DONE. Kinda...
4. Leatherman knives and tools. - DONE. I think this is more or less a YES. :)
5. LED TV and Home Theatre System. - DONE. Kinda... got a TV, not LED but good enough. No home system though.
6. Bicycle. - NOPE
7. Cheap and nice 2nd hand motorcycle. - NOPE
8. Landrover Defender! - NOPE

4 out of 8 (kinda) ain't too bad actually... :) Thank You Lord for your blessings and thanks wifey for letting me get them! :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Found my dream phone - the Samsung Galaxy S2!
It contains all the features and functions that I need or want in a phone! :)