Friday, 18 February 2011

Wishes do come true... kinda :)

I was reading my older postings and I found this wish-list that I wrote about 8 months ago... and I realised that I have actually fulfilled some of my own wishes! Not by much though... :/

So lets go through the list again...

Things that I want(ed):
1. High-end Desktop PC. - DONE. Not as high spec as I wanted but enough for now.
2. Watches - an Orient dress watch and the New Casio Protrek multi-function watch. - NOPE
3. Mobile phone - either a HTC or Nokia. - NOPE
3. Victorinox knives and tools. - DONE. Kinda...
4. Leatherman knives and tools. - DONE. I think this is more or less a YES. :)
5. LED TV and Home Theatre System. - DONE. Kinda... got a TV, not LED but good enough. No home system though.
6. Bicycle. - NOPE
7. Cheap and nice 2nd hand motorcycle. - NOPE
8. Landrover Defender! - NOPE

4 out of 8 (kinda) ain't too bad actually... :) Thank You Lord for your blessings and thanks wifey for letting me get them! :)

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