Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Man Utd is dead! Long live Man Utd!

Its a little belated I know but I really dunno how to react to the fact that Man Utd has been bought by this Malcolm Glazer guy. What can I do? Nothing really. Should MU fans panic? I don't think so... But it would be challenging to see what He wants to do to the club... what has been made known so far has not been much. Sighs... I guess I'd just have to plod on and hope for the best lah.
P/S Good job Liverpool... you deserve the Champions League trophy.

enterhisgates.com rocks!

This has got to be one of the coolest online radio sites I know:
It has 2 sections. One for contemporary Christian music and another for praise and worship music.
No problems if whether you are broadband or dialup user. It caters to you both.
It is so, so cool... give it a try, why dun ya?