Monday, 21 February 2005

Haria! Penang!

True fans of Penang football... take a look at this website. Except for the loss to Perlis recently, Penang's Panther's has been roaring loud early this season. Ito Dan has been a revelation to us! All our foreign imports has been performing well. Go Panthers, Go!
(Register yourself as a fan at the Penang Football Supporters Club's website)

Monday, 14 February 2005

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day! :)

The BIG Question!

This is for those who wanted to ask me how I proposed to Su Yin and for those who are just plain nosy and wanted to read this out of curiousity... :P Happy reading!

Finally, after 2 years, I managed to pop THE question to Su Yin and she said YES! :) Made me the happiest man on the planet. It was just wonderful. I didn't really have any idea what and how to propose to her. Though about a number of ways, like going to the beach or Penang hill, both her favorite romantic spots in Penang... Then I had a look at my 2003 diary and I noticed that it was on 12 February 2003 over a lasagne cooking session at Yuen Chern's place that I began to be interested in her. She was there because Xe Hui was suppose to be there but could not make it at the last minute... I suppose I must thank Yuen Chern for asking me over to learn how to cook lasagne and thank Xe Hui for doing the "disappearing" act! :)

Anyway, it was when I realised that 12/02/2005 was on the day before my Dearest left for Kuching after the Chinese New Year holidays. We had agreed that we wanted to get engaged early 2005 but I couldn't decided when to do so... So I knew that 12/02 was the perfect day for it, now its just how to execute my plans.

Now, i did mention that my Better Half favored the beach or Penang hill... and I also thought about a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant but I ended up deciding that I would personally set up a romantic dinner for 2 at the Tiara View apartment and just cook lasagne for her... perfect! :)

Hence I started gathering all the stuff I need for the dinner cos I had nothing at the apartment. No table, chairs, plates, glasses, cutleries, napkin, table cloth, candles... pathetic huh? Again I got Xe Hui and Leslie to help me (Thanks guys!) I decided also that I would celebrate her birthday albeit belated and Valentine's day albeit be-early :) Got her a birthday cake for her birthday and a bunch of champagne roses (her favorite!) and a Valentine's day gift (cannot tell you what that is) ;) for Valentine's day.

Hey, hey, hey... what about the ring? you might ask... wait lah, I'm getting to that! :) Su Yin had already previously indicated that she wanted a particular ring from a particular jeweller so it was not so hard in this area but I had too keep going back to that shop to make sure that her ring has not been sold. :) Thank God she did not fancy any of the solitaire diamond rings (I never realised how expensive these things were until I went ring hunting... my heart nearly had a seizure!) but she chose a very elegant and delicate ring that had a row of diamonds across it (Trust me guys, its cheaper than the solitaires even though it had more diamonds!) Anyway, I got it for and had to part with a chunk of my savings but let me tell you, it was worth every penny to see that expression on Su Yin's face :)

Anyway, I'm jumping ahead of myself. So I got the ring and other stuff (rushed like a mad person), informed everyone, from my family, her family and our friends about it and waited for her to return for the CNY holidays.

I did not mention to Su Yin about my plans when she returned and she was asking me when are we planning to get engaged as we have informed our family and friends that we were planning to do so early 2005. I keep telling her soon soon... We had a great time during CNY but we also had a few disagreements to spice things up! :) I had to keep telling myself it is all worth it and now I know it is.

So on the big day, I picked her up from her home, went shopping for the ingredients for the lasagne and went to my home to cook. It brought back a lot of memories to me about that special day 3 years ago and how our relationship has progressed. I don't know if many people realised this but there was a time when I said that it was impossible for us to be together... she was in Form 5 then... but that's for another day :)

Back to the day... Xe Hui, Leslie, Yao Hua and Jocelyn's entourage came over for CNY visitation that afternoon (actually Xe Hui and Leslie was suppose to come help me set up the apartment) and I had to excused myself and left Xe Hui to help her (thanks Xe Hui!) and went with the rest over to the apartment. It was so funny as I felt like one of those guys in Queer Eye for a Straight Guy show who gets a makeover! :) and I really did not know how to set up the table (thanks Leslie for your help!).

Anyway, everything was done and we left the place to collect the cake and went back home. The lasagne was cooked by then (Su Yin was so nice to make some salad to go with the lasagne and Mom was too for making mango pudding) and after distributing some to everyone I took Su Yin over to the apartment. Then disaster struck! Su Yin asked me whether we were going to Yao Hua's place after dinner as he was having a gathering and I told her yes cos I wanted us to go as an engaged couple! I did not even realise what I just said until a few seconds later but she was nice enough to pretend not to notice! :)

Anyway, we went up for dinner... and when she saw the place she was surprised and very happy but the table looked funny plonked in the middle of the hall. Then Su Yin had a look at the balcony and wisely suggested that we move the table there and have dinner al-fresco style at the balcony and let me tell you, that's the best suggestion of the whole day! It was wonderful and it was so beautiful... We had a candle lit dinner, with champagne to accompany our salad and lasagne. I was so nervous throughout but Su Yin was really a calming influence as she was so bubbly and talkative that night (normally she is as quiet as a dor-mouse!) and made the night so relaxed and enjoyable. This was made even better as the night sky was filled with fireworks from the people playing at the beach (I would like to thank all those who defied the ban to let off fireworks at the Tanjong Bungah beach!)... perfect!

Then after dessert, I brought out the cake and celebrated her birthday as I had promised to make it up to her for missing her birthday. She was so very touched. Then I surprised her again with the flowers and presents for Valentine's day... By now she was in tears. I told her that I was sorry that I could not spend Valentine's day with her and she asked me to come over and gave me a hug.

Somehow or rather, that had me kneeling next to her and I told her that 3 years ago I fell in love with her over lasagne and 3 years later I was so happy to be able to share lasagne with her... and then I asked her the BIG, BIG Q! She was like "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" and then she said "yes!"... the sweetest word I hear her utter that night! :) I cannot describe how I feel but I am so sure its her I want to spend the rest of my life with. I took out the ring and placed it on her finger... It was so exciting that I could only remember it as a blur. Wah! I am now officially engaged! :)

I wish I could say we lived happily ever after but I know that this is only the beginning of a wonderful, exciting adventure with her. Throughout this process I just realised that there was Someone out there who was helping me every step of the way. I realised that if it wasn't for God, our Father, I would not be writing this for you to read. Everything that I have, Su Yin and our relationship, is from Him and so I just want to acknowledge that fact that it was Him who put us together and allowed things to fall into place so nicely for us. Thank you Lord Jesus.

I would like to thank my parents cos without them I would not be here and for blessing my relationship with Su YIn. I now know how important it is to have your parents' blessings in a relationship.

I would like to thank Su Yin's parents for bringing Su Yin into this world and bringing her up in such a way that she would fit me so nicely. Such are the ways of our Almighty God. I would also like to thank them for trusting me enough to hand their daughter to me, so that I might have the chance to love, take care, cherish the most beautiful woman in the whole world! Thanks!

My gratitude too to all my family and friends who encouraged me and supported me... especially Willie (for a very, very special reason), Jocelyn, Xe Hui, Leslie and Yao Hua and also many more that I can't manage to name here but you know who you are! Thanks!