Wednesday, 28 December 2005


I can't say much about it but I have just had someone hinting to me to do something that I don't think I should do. I hate this... need God's guidance here. The good thing is that the thing has not happened yet. Since it is still in the future, I trust God to help me overcome this situation. I know there are things I can't do, only God can.

Thank you Father for your assurance.

Saturday, 24 December 2005

Friday, 23 December 2005

No good christmas commercialism...

Just found out that this guy who sells toys in 1-Stop increased his price of a toy I was interested in by almost 50%. Why? Cos he is expecting the christmas gift buying crowd to increase... hence the increase in price to cash in on the rush... :(

Isn't Christmas a time for goodwill? Obviously not to businessmen... :(

Ramblings part 231205

Willie is back from Australia... and is now in front of the computer... again... :)

Watched King Kong on Wednesday with Su Yin... paid only RM6 per person for a 3-hour movie. Not too bad lah for that price. The show made me cry! Never in my life would I think of empathising with a CG animal... but let me tell you. it was THAT good... Hated the scene with the bugs though... oh yeah, its not a show to bring your children really... got to cover their eyes lots of times and you've got lots of explaining to do about why the people had to kill such a nice gorilla... yeah, like you don't know that King Kong dies in the end... :P

I'm on holiday but I am marking my student's papers at the same time... don't ask... :(

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Bz like a bee

Today is just so hectic. Students coming to see me endlessly to complete their coursework. Its rushy but I like it when I am bz, as long as there are intervals between the questionings... otherwise I am fine. Thank God that I would be on holiday for 6 days after today... At least I can spend some time with Su Yin.

Willie is coming back. Can't wait to see him again. Hopefully we can have a family Christmas dinner...

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Korean dramas

Korean drama serials are really funny... funny in the sense that most of them are so formulaic.

Take 2 men and 2 women, mix them about by making one like the other but the other likes another... if it is a comedy, then make them get into funny situations that will let the 4 people chase each other endlessly, or if its a serious drama, then give them a lot of impossibly difficult situations to go through... like the couple almost get together only to be torn apart by guilt or obligation.

Why like that ah? Its frustrating watching it sometimes and yet, it is so very popular. They have virtually taken over HK and Japanese drama serials as the thing to watch. Its on TV almost all the time. Can someone tell me why are they so popular?

Thursday, 8 December 2005

Another one for the wishlist

The above radio is the Grundig FR200 Emergency radio. It works without even needing a battery because it can be powered by turning a crank by hand. 60 cranks in 2 minutes allows 1 hour of listening pleasure... pure genius! Unfortunately can only buy in the US. If anyone knows how you can get one elsewhere, please let me know. Thanks.
This one is even better... the Eton S350DL. A lovely travel radio... nice? Anyone interested in getting me one? :) Eh... Michael? ;)

MU dumped out of Europe

Mu was dumped out of ALL European competitions last night after they lost to Benfica 2-1, finishing last in their group. Wasted my time waking up for the so-called crunch match. I think this is the final nail on the coffin of Sir Alex Ferguson's management. Sighs...

Tuesday, 6 December 2005


Recently, I received a call from my friend... telling me that one of my former colleagues had just contracted cancer. When I heard of it I could not believe my ears because this guy would be the last person on earth you think would contract some kind of serious illness. He looks healthy and fit, without a hint of fat his body... and he IS healthy, plays badminton a few times a week, goes for walks and exercise during the weekends... how could it be him!?! but it was... as difficult to believe it.

It proofs that life is really fleeting... must make the most out of it. If you can wake up in the morning, take a breath of air and get out of bed without any problems... then one must really give thanks to God.

Please keep my friend in prayer... I understand that he just accepted Christ and so as fellow brothers and sistes, lets support him with our prayers. We pray, doctors treat, God heals...