Tuesday, 6 December 2005


Recently, I received a call from my friend... telling me that one of my former colleagues had just contracted cancer. When I heard of it I could not believe my ears because this guy would be the last person on earth you think would contract some kind of serious illness. He looks healthy and fit, without a hint of fat his body... and he IS healthy, plays badminton a few times a week, goes for walks and exercise during the weekends... how could it be him!?! but it was... as difficult to believe it.

It proofs that life is really fleeting... must make the most out of it. If you can wake up in the morning, take a breath of air and get out of bed without any problems... then one must really give thanks to God.

Please keep my friend in prayer... I understand that he just accepted Christ and so as fellow brothers and sistes, lets support him with our prayers. We pray, doctors treat, God heals...

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