Friday, 23 December 2005

Ramblings part 231205

Willie is back from Australia... and is now in front of the computer... again... :)

Watched King Kong on Wednesday with Su Yin... paid only RM6 per person for a 3-hour movie. Not too bad lah for that price. The show made me cry! Never in my life would I think of empathising with a CG animal... but let me tell you. it was THAT good... Hated the scene with the bugs though... oh yeah, its not a show to bring your children really... got to cover their eyes lots of times and you've got lots of explaining to do about why the people had to kill such a nice gorilla... yeah, like you don't know that King Kong dies in the end... :P

I'm on holiday but I am marking my student's papers at the same time... don't ask... :(

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