Thursday, 23 June 2005

PMS and me

I had a look at Alvin's blog today had an article about PMS and its something that I have to deal with every month. No... its not me who has PMS but Su Yin who experience very, very BAD mood swings, (though no cramps so far, which is good for her). What do I do? Urm, watch my words, give copious amounts of hugs and kisses and generally try to be nice to her lor.

Chocolates do not work with her cos she does not like them. I have learnt to read the signs and take cover most of the time lor, although sometimes I do step on a landmine with my mouth and KABOOM!!! :) Otherwise, Su Yin is very, very sweet when everything is normal.

Its really not her fault that she has mood swings as its not something she can control. So for 1 week in a month I become my alter-ego: Danny, the human punching bag! :) Would I change it for anything in the world? NEVER, cos its part of her and like everything in life, you have to take the good and not so good right? I'm not perfect either and I quote my mom, "In a relationship, its very important for the both of you to learn how to give and take". Hence, when it comes to PMS, its my turn to give...

Update: Alvin is correct, in the case of PMS, its me doing both the giving (love, patience and affection) and taking (moodiness, tantrums, cold stares and of course, the blows!) but other times, I;m so glad that Su is so patient with me, especially when I go DVD shopping... but that's another story altogether. :)

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shades said...

I think it should be you doing the taking, not giving.. taking the blows!:)