Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Ramblings - part 220605

My mind is a blank right now... had a long day yesterday, and Su Yin's not well, but its ok, I can take it. :)

I've been sprucing up my bloggo... I'm beginning to think that I'm getting carried away, something I do often. Getting carried away with stuff, lose track of what I am supposed to do.

Anyway, I've been sprucing up my bloggo, and its actually quite fun. I've had this small part of Blogosphere for about 9 months now. Its only within these 2 months that I've done some serious blogging. I never knew there was so much to on this part of the Internet. Its really amazing how blogging has grown.

Its a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings, and its a good way to keep in touch with my friends, their lives and their experiences. In fact, its the only way I keep up to date with my brother's life in OZland (sad but true, everytime he calls home, I'm either not at home or not at home!). I think this will definitely supersede personal websites as a way to express ourselves (what am I talking about? I don't know...).

Ok, I've run out of things to say... so I guess I'd better stop... hey, is this thing still on?

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I'm not well to... :(