Thursday, 16 June 2005

Empty nest

Read today's comic strips in the newspaper. The Lois character in the Hi and Lois strip said that seeing an empty nest always bring a tear to her eye. My mom recently hinted to me that she doesn't like the house to be devoid of people, as my sis and bro has already left home and settled down in Australia. My cousin, who is staying with us, is also planning to move out soon. I know eventually that I have to leave too when Su and I go off to start our own home. It made me start thinking how do we cope with this empty nest syndrome or at least help those who are in this position? How do we fill the how with sound again after living in a house always filled with people?

I really don't know but I do know we are never really alone. As Christians, we will always have the best companion ever, the Holy Spirit to guide us, counsel us, comfort us, encourage us and fill us with God's love.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your constant presence within us, keeping us company when we feel lonely and warning us when we are in danger. Thank You for being so patient with us. Just wanted You to know that I really am grateful for Your quiet but real presence in my life. Thank You.

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