Wednesday, 1 June 2005

1st Annual Gasolene Awards 2005

Best Petrol: BP
(Reason: After much testing and searching, I have, in my own opinion, decided that BP petrol gives my Sunny Boy the best power and mileage. How do I know? All I can say is that I can feel the difference!)

Best Petrol Station: BP Green Lane
(Reasons: Friendly staff, willing to let you combine your petrol payment with your miscellaneous payments and the petrol pump, though old, is a breeze to control...)

Lousiest Petrol: Shell
(Reason: really sucks big time... apparently its due to its low octane level in its petrol. Performance of the car really drops!)

Lousiest Petrol Station: Shell Green Lane
(Reason: the lady at the counter is the rudest woman on this planet, she looks and sounds as if she as a bad case of double haemorrhoids on her!)

Note: How can 2 petrol stations, just 500 meters apart can be so different? Well, they can and its evident right here in Penang! :( Anyway, the above awards only covers the Penang island. Other places, I don't know and if you want, you can do your own research and release your own results and awards! :P

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