Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Chelski revolution or revulsion?

Chelsea seems to think that their wealth allows them to do whatever they want. Tapping up a player here, enticing a sporting director there. When will it all end? They did well the past season, got themselves a great if not endearing manager and used their money to get the right people at the right place and at the same time, the existing players blossomed at the same time. However, for all their achievements, recent events has somewhat soured their achievements and efforts. Sighs... are they going to be the most hated team in England? I think they already are, taking over the dubious title from Manchester United. At least now MU can concentrate on reworking and rebuilding their team, as long as the fans get behind the team regardless of what has happened at ownership level. Arsenal is working at rebuilding as well. Liverpool seems to be going through their own revolution. Is it going to be an interesting season for 2005/06? You betcha! ;)

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