Monday, 20 June 2005

Now that's how you make a Batman movie

Finally, the people at Warner Bros have come to their senses and did what they should have done all these while after the "nipples on the suit" scandal in its last outing... a real, true to its origin, Batman movie - Batman Begins.

I won't go through too much about the movie because there's a lot of stuff out there already and I'm rather sleepy... but its definitely one of the must-see movies of the year and the best comicbook to movie adaptation I've ever seen, even, dare I say it..., better than Spiderman and X-Men, and to me, the latter adaptations are really up there in terms of story and characterisation is concerned. Moreover, the movie was such a roller coaster ride that didn't feel like it was 2+ hours long while still able to flesh out the important characters in the Batman story.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, man... this guy is having fun! :) and Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, I never thought I'd see in a good-guy role but he is so Jim Gordon. I now realise what a good actor he is, when he played baddies, you hated him but in the movies, I was rooting for him. Too cool!

Christian Bale as Batman, brilliant. He really played Batman/Bruce Wayne really well. One of the most memorable scenes was when Alfred, played by Michael Caine (another veteran who really was at his best) reminded Bruce that if he is to succeed in his plans to be Batman, he had to live a double life and the movies should him struggling with that initially, and I thought it was great bcos most times, in comics and other movies, most writers would portray Bruce as enjoying his uber-rich playboy lifestyle, that it came to him naturally as if he was born into that kind of lifestyle.

Btw, you noticed I didn't mention Katie Holmes at all? Hehe...

I like everything about the movie, you should ask Su Yin. I was like wow... the whole time. So what do I like most about the movie? It has got to be the Batmobile... it looks like the one in Dark Knight Returns... a real tank of a car... not some wimpy glow in the dark thingie with fake jet engine... this one really kick the behind!!! and I quote Jim Gordon in the movie. "I really gotta get one of these...".

Wish the fight scene were not so messy though... couldn't really see Batman fight as he would have after acquiring all those fighting skills. If Keanu Reeves can do it, so can Christian Bale.

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