Sunday, 26 June 2005

Evil Microsoft empire

You know something? I think that's something seriously wrong about Microsoft's Windows software updates. Of the 2 computers I just reformatted and reinstalled with Windows, both gave me some serious problems after updating them... and one of them I used the original software given by the computer manufacturer? What the???

So right now, I have decided to turn off the automatic updates function for both comp... each running on SP1. Now both seems to be running fine. I figure if I try to minimise my use of MS products then it should be ok. Its risky I know but I am not going to reinstall my desktop n my fiancee's laptop for the umpteenth time liao!!!

Does anyone know what I can do? If so, I would much appreciate it if you can leave your comments for me...

Does Emperor Palpatine bears a striking resemblance to a certain richest man on earth???
The evil empire strikes again! :(

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