Friday, 24 June 2005


Thank you Lord for reminding me that I have friends and its important to have them around you. Lately I have been very out of my circle of friends. Seeing them less and less, its wholly my own fault. Its not my relationship with Su Yin that made me reluctant to go anywhere, its just me... However, its great to have friends who still love me for who I am, and not what I have.

Thanks Jocelyn for coming back to Penang. If not, I'd be too lethargic to meet up with Leslie and Xe Hui. Sorry about the apartment, I'll make sure its more "occupied" the next time. Sorry for not making more time for you.

Thanks to Leslie and Xe Hui for accepting me for who I am and for not pushing me away. Next time, I'll FORCE Aki to make the banana, cheese and ham pancake for you ok? :) Though, I really doubt that bananas and ham would go well together... well, one man's meat and all that. :)

Most of all, thanks Su Yin for being my best friend and for loving this funny character. Its hard sometimes to be patient with me but I am thankful that you have been so. No regrets, dear... ;)

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