Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Getting older

Sighs... i found it so hard to wake up this morning. As I get older, its harder to stay up till late and only catch a few hours of sleep and still function at my best. Thank God that the new class I'm taking is lively (they are a good bunch, not too difficult to handle but have to be careful not to let them climb over my head).

Anyway, you'll know that you're OLDER (to me at least) when...
1. You find it harder to get out of bed... literally and figuratively.
2. Stairs are beginning to be a pain.
3. 2 bowls of rice is a challenge when 10 years ago, 8 bowls was not enough.
4. You drive more cautiously and don't take unnecessary risks.
5. Its harder to get rid of the fat around your belly.
6. You begin to eat the things your parents like to eat, like brinjal, bitter gourd, oats...
7. You keep forgetting why you are standin in the room.

Of course, it may be that I have not exercised regularly for the past 1 year but that's another story...

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