Saturday, 18 June 2005

Sarong party girl

One blogsite that has been getting a lot of attention in the media lately has been Sarong Party Girl's blog. There was a big blow up in Singapore (she's a Singaporean) when the media highlighted the fact that she published nude pictures of herself in her blogsite. I went to the blogsite to have a read to find out what it is all about and I realised she was doing what a blogger would do, put in whatever she wanted to (Actually, there was only one nude photograph, in black and white, not much different from some professional nude photographs you can see in galleries in western countries). However, as she was from Singapore, she got a lot of flak in it.

I'm not writing in support of her or condemn her what she did. I don't know whether she did it for publicity or just for the sake of it. Personally, I think she went a little too far but I know I can't, and won't, judge her because I have no right to do so, my own life has enough potholes of its own for me to deal with. You know, the plank in the eye thing?

Moreover, its HER blog and she is the only one who is responsible in deciding what she puts in her blog. That's what a blog is right? A weblog, a web journal... except it can be read by the rest of the world, if they want to. So I guess she should have known what reaction it would provoke. At least she realised, albeit belatedly, that she has to keep in mind how her actions can affect the people closest to her.

And so, I'm concentrating on the silver lining that i came to see in that blog instead of that one picture. While reading through her blog, I noticed that she is actually from a Christian family, or at least her father is a Christian, and that even in a situation like this, God's hand is still on her. Despite and in spite of her ultra liberal views and values about life and everything in between, she still mentioned that she appreciates her father's prayer for her. It made me realised that God is still watching over her and I'm sure He has not given up on her and that gives me hope, not only for her, but for me as well. For I know I am one who has disappointed Him time and again.

Yet God loves me so much that He can't help but to keep hanging on to me, reminding me that He is near and that He never left me to fend on my own. God indeed is LOVE and that indeed is profound and AWESOME. For that, I know there is still hope, for me and for sarong party girl.

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