Sunday, 26 February 2006

First casualty

Wow... I was trawling through some of my friends' blogs today and I noticed that there was one blog that was not updated since October 2005. I guess the person has more life than me. I wonder if we should organise some kind of funeral service for the blog! :) I know AL will rid his blog links of those blogs that are inactive... Hrmm...

Anyways, kudos to XH for running the good race... boos all round to LY for lacking the pace! :) Giving up so soon LY when your darling XH is faithfully posting her Hmms? :)

Edit: Like AL, I'm taking off links that have been inactive for the pass 3 months. I hope those whose blogs have been taken off do not feel too bad about it... don't worry, I will drop in to your site once in awhile and add you once you are abit more consistent with your writing. I'm not criticising your inactivity... just wanna make sure that my links are up-to-date. Thanks.

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