Saturday, 30 July 2005

1 day to go...

The recent tsunami prophecy reminds me not to take God for granted and that though He is my Heavenly Father, He is also the Almighty God, the Holy One of Israel and God of righteousness and justice.

If the prophecy has had any effect on me, it made me realise that I have taken my faith too lightly too often... and this song came into mind and I find it so apt, especially this excerpt:

I have leaned on the wisdom of men, oh Lord, forgive me;
and I have responded to them, instead of Your love and your mercy;
but now oh Lord, I see my wrong;
heal my heart and show Yourself strong;
and in my eyes and with my song;
oh Lord, be magnified;
oh Lord, be magnified.

Lord, forgive me for taking You and my relationship with You so lightly. Thank you for reminding me that though You are my Father, You are also a Holy God. Help me not to take your grace and mercy for granted but to use them as a reminder that you are a just God but also a loving God, that You are taking care of me. Help me Lord, step by step, Lord, day by day. Amen.

Note: thanks to Messy Christian, seeing her post gave me the idea to put this ukiyo-e picture of waves by Hokusai...

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