Wednesday, 6 July 2005


Guess what? I went out to 'tar pow' my lunch today, and was happily thinking how BCG (Big, Cheap and Good) the food was when I put my foot into a hole on the road I was crossing. Now my right ankle is swollen like a "mi ku" (chinese flour cake). Ouch!

It was so painful that I sunk to my knees, ON THE ROAD! But by God's grace, there was no car passing by at the time and I had the sense to push aside the pain and hobble up the pavement and sat down. The pain was excruciating! I called Su Yin to let her know what happened and then called my students, whom I met when buying food, to buy ice for a cold compress. Thank God for my HP.

You know, it was my fault really... doing too many things at the same time. I was so preoccupied, thinking about the food, and watching out for cars as I was crossing the road at the same time that I did not notice the hole as I was stepping up to the pavement.

As a result of my carelessness, I am stuck in my room cos the doctor asked my to rest my foot. Going to get it x-rayed tomorrow morning. Thank God for my laptop and broadband! :)

There are a few people that I would like to thank for helping me during that terribly painful time. Firstly, I want thank my students - they not only bought me the ice so that I can apply a cold compress but also graciously helped me back to the college (I could not put any weight on the right foot) and accompanied me as I waited for Su to pick me up to see the doctor.

I must also expressed my thanks to Ms Chong for helping me pack my stuff and brought it down for me, as well as informing the relevant people (my dept secretary and HR) about my plight (more like my stupidity... hehe).

Finally, I must thank my dearest Su, who came immediately to pick me up, became my crutch (that is one hard job if you know my size!) when I had to get around seeing the doctor and going back home and making me really comfortable once I'm home. Sighs... I'm so blessed. A good fiancee is from the Lord! :)

Oklah, I wanna go rest now... my ankle is still throbbing. Painkillers kicking in too... ZZZ...

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