Friday, 22 July 2005

I've got nothing to blog.

My mind is so blank right now...maybe its because its late, and maybe its because I have nothing in my brain right now... hmm...

Anyway... there's another big bomb scare in London. I really admire the Londoners... compared to the New Yorkers, they are really so cool and calm... almost non-chalant. I hope my friend are ok in London.

I have something to add to my wish list: I want Su Yin back here in Penang for good... or me being wherever she is, so we don't have to be apart again...

Another wish list item, this time more materialistic one...

Its called the Nike Oregon Alti-Compass.

Just so happened my birthday is coming up soon... any takers? :)

So now you know some of the things I really want: a watch, a toy and a car... :)

Oh yeah, I went back for classes today. It was not too bad, the class itself and the efforts it took me to climb up 3 flights of stairs. My leg is coping well... though it is still sore after awhile, but its good progress! :)

oh yeah... Kenny and gang are doing something for a good cause. Please click on the banner at the sidebar with the BLOGATHON label to find out more. Much appreciated.

Okaylah thats it for now. Goodnight. Hrmm... I wonder what I'm gonna dream tonight??? :)

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