Tuesday, 5 July 2005

I'm a boring blogger... COOL!!! :)

Hey, I've just been told that my blog is boring... the person commented that it's better than sleeping pills. Is that nice or what?

Hehe... I like that, at least I am of help to a sub-section of the community, namely the insomniacs who hang around the Net look for something to occupy their time while they TRY to sleep. That's a niche market on its own! Me? I have no problems sleeping. In fact, I can barely open my eyes now... I think its the effect of my sleep-deprived youth.

Its oklah, I don't really care, if my site boring, mah boring lor. I'll just gonna continue writing what I like, frame my thoughts and feelings like always, and set up my site as I like it to be. I don't have to make its super cool or super funny... mine's super boring! How's that? Hehe...

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