Friday, 29 July 2005


There's this lady pastor from an independent church who has been going around telling people about an huge tsunami that's hitting Penang within this week. She said she saw this in a vision and started urging people to be careful. This news began to spread quickly among the Christian community, and then the local community in general. It was even brought to the attention of the local press. Well, 2 more days to go...

Why do people want to warn people in this manner? Won't it cause more confusion and fear? What good will arise from such warnings if the focus is not on God? If I understand correctly, most warnings in the bible about impending disasters were given to get people to turn to God. Moreover, in such circumstances, God always give people a chance to repent from their sins.

In 2 days, the so-called "prophecy" is supposed to come to past, and when Monday comes and there is no tsunami, what will happen then? Its not only the reputation and credibility of that pastor and her church that is at stake, the whole Christian faith that will be brought into question. Wouldn't such actions hurt Christians more?

However, as with everything in life... good can always come out of bad incidents. Such an incident serves as a warning to us Christians to be careful of what we say, what we hear and what we do. We Christians do have the power to impact the community around us... for God's glory or the detriment of our faith.

Truly, with great power comes great responsibility huh?

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