Saturday, 2 July 2005

Dyslexia? what dyslexia?

Did you realise that the word that describe people with an inability or difficulty in reading, including word-blindness and a tendency to reverse letters and words in reading and writing, as DYSLEXIC??? DYSLEXIC?! People with such condition can't even spell dyslexic! Its got to be the hardest word to pronounce! Haven't they been tortured enough?!

Btw, the reason why I rant and rave about it is that sometimes I find myself unable to pronounce words properly... and its happening more frequently lately... am I dyslexic? I don't know... I hope not! I rely on my mouth for a living! On a brighter note, i seem to be able to read off notes/books much better now... I used to struggle with my reading, often making mistakes when I read anything aloud.

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