Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Just for laughs

Some of you said that my blog is getting a little depressing... so what? (inside joke - this is for you Su Yin) :)

This blog is about me right?

Anyway, I just came back from the hospital... the doc says that I need another 10 days of rest cos my leg is still swollen and if I stand or walk around too much, it will swell even more due to fluids collected around the ankle/heel region, making it painful and uncomfortable. So here I am, stuck in my room... again.

Interestingly, the swelling of the feet actually occurs naturally... that's what happens to you after standing and walking about the whole day(that's why it is always advisable to buy your shoes at the end the day cos that's when your feet is at its largest size). Its just that now, the fluids doesn't drain off my foot properly and thus increases the discomfort and pain around the injured area.

More depressing news huh? Oh well, see if this works...

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