Sunday, 17 July 2005

Sunday mornings...

Funny... I woke up to go to church and I found out that there's no water! Apparently, 5 minutes before I woke up, PBA decided that it was time to repair their pipes nearby. No notices, no warning, no coming over to each houses and shouting "Auntie/Makcik, nak baiki paip air... cepat ambik air!" like they did in the past... sighs... those good old times. So I am stuck here smelling like me... managed to brush my teeth with drinking water and did my BIG business. Thankfully, there was still water in the WC... but not anymore! So I'd have to hold whatever that's waiting to come out till much. much later... :(

Anyway, I remembered that they had Gundam Seed on TV at the time and so I turned it on. Guess what? In the 5 minutes that I had left of the anime, I witnessed 2 kisses in it... WOW! Here's a so-called cartoon shown during the children's slot in the morning and the kids in Malaysia had the privilege of witnessing a kiss on TV! We adults have to suffer the indignation of having kissing scenes censored from our movies. Grrrr... Granted, Gundam Seed is not really a kiddie cartoon...

Oh yeah, I had a nostalgic blast to the past at the same time. There was a TV advert break during Gundam Seed and guess what, I saw an advert for... DING DANG! Now that is really something from my brother's time (I was kinda old already but I love cartoons, so I sat with him... nice sibling bonding time, cartoon watching is). DING DANG is a chocolatey snack that includes a plasticky toy, which my brother loved to collect.
Anyway, DING DANG has this distinction for bad quality adverts and for focusing on the TOY instead of the SNACK. Sheesh... You know something? The advert is still so so BAD! :)

Talking about cartoons, what is your favourite cartoon/anime of all time?

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