Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Simple things in life

Just woke up from my nap, feeling cold and hungry. Cold cos the air-con is on and hungry because I'm always so... :) My ankle still throbs... but not so bad now... I think.

Sighs, nothing like a sprained ankle to put things into perspective. Like how we always take the most mundane tasks for granted... like walking to the toilet to take a leak. Its easier to climb Mt Everest than to walk from my bedroom to the bathroom! :( Its makes me realise how difficult it is for people who are physically disabled to just live life like the rest of us. I really admire Peter Tan for having the courage to wake up in the morning and face the day in front of him. My pain pales in comparison with what he has to go through everyday. We must really appreciate the life God has given us and live it fully and wisely. We have but only one chance.

Oklah, going down to have dinner. Sighs... the stairs, the stairs! :(

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