Saturday, 23 July 2005

Squatting Toilets

"How do you know you are in SEAsia? There are squatting cubicles in the toilets! Woohoo! Its good to be in familiar surroundings! :)" That was my first thought while in a toilet at Changi Airport coming back from Melbourne a couple of years ago.

After the 8-hour flight, the first thing you look for is a toilet (I never go to toilet close to landing time cos the queue stretches from Changi to Melbourne!). So when I went searching for a quiet toilet to freshen up... it was not difficult to find cos I reached Changi at 5-6am. When I entered one I thought suitable for my needs, it put a smile on my face when I saw the squatting toilets! :)

I recalled all this when I went in search for a toilet today while in Tesco. I was thinking I could tahan till I go home but no... nature waits for no man... I thank God that I found one cos if you feel the call of nature, its definitely better to have a squatting toilet than a sitting toilet... especially if its in M'sian toilets... Whew...

Why? Cos its somehow more bearable and... its easier for you also... if you know what I mean? Wink wink, nod nod... ;P

But then there are pitfalls... figuratively and literally! Cos sometimes, after squatting too long, you might black out while trying to stand up... and a squatting toilet is not a good place to pitam! :)

Of course if I am at home, I'd prefer a sitting toilet so that I can do my reflections. Otherwise, when out shopping, its the squatting toilets for me. However... if there are some 4-5 star hotels... that's another story altogether. :)

Editor's note: as you can see, its late and I'm sleepy... that's my excuse. :)

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