Sunday, 31 July 2005

Black gold

Petrol prices has increased, again, for the umpteenth time now! If it goes on like this, then this commodity will be as pricey as real gold!

The reason is again to relieve the government's burden of subsidising petroleum. If the government really want to reduce the cost of running the country, it should work to get rid of or reduce inefficiency, wastage and corruption in the government... its these 3 factors that are really sucking dry the government's coffers. Sighs... the one thing that lightens the people's burdens, the government takes gradually takes away. I guess its one more burden for the people to bear. From today's the Star newspaper, it sounds as if we, the rakyat, have to "bail" the government out again.

Will there be a domino effect? Of course there will be, its happening already. You noticed that food in Penang is now averaging RM2.50-3.00 now? 2 months ago, we still can get things between RM2.00-2.30. Everything else is also increasing, except our salary! Hmm... bummer. :(

Hit the rich with luxury tax for cars and helicopters (see paul tan's and jeff ooi's posts on AP King's lifestyles) or something lah...

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