Saturday, 9 July 2005

The Lone Ranger rides again!

[Editor's Note: More mushy stuff again! :) Maybe its just a way for me to cope with Su Yin's return to Kuching without breaking down. So bear with me ya? Thanks.]

Sent Su Yin off to the airport this morning... I think the reality have not sunk in yet. I have not managed to cry... yet! :) Maybe the number of times we have gone through this has strengthen us but I know sometimes the tears may pop up when you least expect it. For the time being, I'm too tired and in pain to worry about that. Moreover, I know Su is going to have a very busy year this time and she needs all the support she can get from me... somehow, I know we will benefit from all of this separation, everything happens for a reason... nothing is by chance or a random occurence.

One last year to go... we have been through 2 years of ups and downs, sometimes its so beautiful, others it was so heartbreaking, but it has also made us stronger and so much closer and more in love with each other. I pray that God would continue to bless this relationship and strengthen our love... just one more year! :)

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