Friday, 22 July 2005

In defence of the Big Bird

Wow... I really respect Kenny Sia for apologising and I can understand a little of his frustration. I don't know him personally so I can't say whether what he did is in character... but from the reaction of his friends (and not fans) I feel he overdid it by a little bit and now has to take the consequences. Yet, he was bold enough to say sorry and show a little of his own self. It goes to show that Kenny is a real human being like you and me. He makes mistakes and also has feelings too... I think we should all give him space to grow and move on.

Moreover, judge not others lest you be judged yourself. I have to confess that I did judge him for what he did but now I realise that I was wrong and I had no right to do so cos my views and judgment was skewed.

Kenny... keep on blogging but for yourself. Like the Brits, you've got to keep going as you did or else the nay-sayers would have won.

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