Monday, 11 July 2005

Day 2

Does it sound as if I am in a prison or something? :) I'm counting down the days till Su comes back to Penang again. This time, I really have no idea when she will be back again as she is in her final year and she has to work on her FYP, so it is unlikely she will return during the short holidays.

Someone commented that I will get over the fact that I am missing her so much. Will I? I think the point is not whether I would get over the fact that she will not be around for awhile but whether I would miss her or not. You know, when someone you love is away, you will miss her and continue to miss her till the day she returns. In fact, you will miss her even more as the days go by... cos the date of her return is getting closer and you eagerly await her return.

You know, somehow that should be the way we look forward towards the coming of Christ, with eager anticipation and longing... missing Him so much that we can't wait to see Him again. Yet, we know we have to wait, but we wait with eager and joyful expectation while carrying on with our lives on earth.

I doubt that I would ever stop missing Su Yin... and yet I don't thinking that it would affect me or prevent me from doing what I need to do, that is to use this time away from each other wisely, learning and preparing myself. I am thankful to God that His peace and joy is strengthening me everyday, as He is strengthening Su.

And yes, its only the 2nd day... :)

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