Saturday, 2 July 2005

Gmail spam - Sighing - Lorries - Su Yin leaving

I hate spam, and I'm beginning to get lots of them over the internet. Must be one of the sites that I logged on to. Does anyone out there have any idea what's going on? What can I do? Keep reporting the spam until Gmail gets rid of them, somehow. Sighs...

I've noticed I sigh a lot when I blog. many claim that blogging is a way to relieve stress and release tension... so adding a sigh here and there is not wrong right?

The lorries that are passing by house everyday is really testing my patience. They are taking soil away to somewhere from this hillock that some developer is clearing behind my housing estate. The lorries basically mess up the road and leave a lot of dust along the roads they travel on... including mine... what am I to do? I don't know really... hope that this will all be over soon, i guess.

Su Yin's leaving for Sarawak next week. Only one more week to spend with her. Sighs.... (see what I mean???) Have to treasure this time I have with her I guess. We've really grown closer during this 3 month break of hers. She's really the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. We've had our quarrels, some small, others really, really big but I'm glad we went through those, cos somehow (by God's grace, I think) we came out closer! :) Still, I'm gonna miss her loads... Sighs... (there I go again... )

I'm griping a lot today, ain't I? Yeah, its one of those days...

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