Friday, 1 July 2005

Blogging... the way to go?

I just read up somewhere that blogging is gonna be the no. 1 trend that people are going to pick up on the internet. Wow... hmm... so like am I one of those "in" people now?

There are quite a number of famous blogs among the Malaysian blog community. Among them are Kenny Sia, Peter Tan, Jeff Ooi, Paul Tan, Suanie and Minishorts.

Blogging has received quite a lot of publicity lately, especially since the Star newspaper did 2 articles on it recently, one in its StarTwo lifestyle section and others in it's IT section. News coverage of the now infamous Sarong Party Girl blog has also exposed (no pun intended... you don't know what I mean? Go find out yourself!) a lot of people to this phenomenon.

Hmm... cool eh?

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