Sunday, 17 July 2005


Its 1.30am and I am wide awake. I was awoken by the mosquitoes that we having a midnight snack at their local mamak near my foot... :P

Anyway, it was a good thing too cos I was having another one of the weird dreams that I've been having lately. I can't remember most of them except for one where I dreamt about Su Yin but when I look at her, its not her... its another woman! Don't ask me who it was cos I don't think I've seen her before. All I know is that I wake up feeling a little confused by these dreams. They are not scary like nightmares, just confusing. Should really ask God for a peaceful sleep huh?

Anyway, my right eye is disturbing me again... had a series of stye problems there... so I am concerned. I don't know if it is stress or something... I never had problems with stye before and then i get them real bad. :( At least my ankle is much much better.

Oklah, better say my prayer and go to bed... can't open my eyes liao... nitezzzz

Heavenly Father, I really need Your healing touch n Your peace. I need Your healing touch upon my eye and my ankle. I know that Your Son have already paid the price for my healing and I claim the healing by the stripes He bored for me on His back. Thank you Lord for the healing. I know it is already done. Lord, I also ask that you would surround me with Your peace when I sleep. May Your Spirit minister to me as I rest in Your peace. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name I pray... Amen.

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