Thursday, 11 August 2005

Types of blogs

I have noticed that more and more of my friends and acquaintances are beginning to blog. The blogging phenomenon has been around for a few years but recently I've seen a spike in the number of blogs among my friends. I've also noticed that I can basically categorise blogs into a few styles. Of course most blogs will have some elements of each style but are categorised as so when most of its content follow a particular path and they are:
  1. News/Information blogs (e.g. paul tan, jeff ooi) - this could be your regular CNN-type news, quirky news, reviews and commentaries on various issues such as current events, politics, technology, etc.
  2. Life Reflection blogs (e.g. peter tan, danny chen, serene yeoh) - provides reflects on what is going on around the bloggers, instead of just describing it. Sometimes such blogs can be quite long winded especially when they are ranting about something.
  3. Life Description blogs (e.g. lainie, Su Yin, joel chin) - the opposite of reflective blogs, describing instead of reflecting on their experiences.
  4. Humour-oriented blogs (e.g. kenny sia, viewtru, alvin looi) - this type of blog uses humor to relate their reflections/experiences. This category is becoming more common because it encourages repeat readership.
  5. Cut and Paste blogs (e.g. john keong) - most of their posts are taken from somewhere else, not much original content.
  6. Hybrid blogs (e.g. micheal ng, willie chen) - a mix match of a variety of styles. One day reflective, one day descriptive... but fairly consistent in this manner.
  7. Literati blogs (e.g. claire, shari) - aspirants of Byron and serious literature...
  8. Self Promo blogs (e.g. furongjiejie, steven lim, LESLIE!) - main focus is on themselves and not their experiences. Usually vomit/nausea inducing... at least leslie's not so bad.
  9. Unfocused blogs (e.g. again LESLIE!!!) - Cannot even make up their mind what title to apply on their blogs. enuf said! :) (sorry, couldn't help aiming a dig at him!).
Though I have created categories for blogs, it is perfectly normal for blogs to change the direction of their postings (so you are forgiven, Leslie). Its their blogs anyway... :)

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