Tuesday, 30 August 2005


I'm currently participating in a network computing project that processes the climate/weather data accumulated throughout the years to predict what the climate/weather would be like in the future. The project is called climateprediction.net (click on this link here to go to the website).

This project began when a number of universities in the UK and the Met Office (short for Meteorological Office, responsible for monitoring the weather/climate in the UK) embarked on this project to chart climate changes in the past and predict what may happen in the future. Instead of using a supercomputer in a research facility or a university, they decided to harness the power of the Internet by using the idle time of a lot of computers that are connected to the Internet.

You'll be given a small portion of the total data to be processed and you can either run it live or you can run it as a screensaver. Instead of me trying to tell you what is going on, just go to the site to have a look...

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