Thursday, 4 August 2005

Expression of my love

Is there anything wrong in telling someone you love that you love them? Even if it is in public? I think there's nothing wrong in that. In fact, if we can do this to someone we can see, it is even easier to do so in our relationship with God. Remember the story in the bible where we are told not to hide our light under the bushell? Why do we encourage each other to shine brightly for God but keep our relationships with our family and our spouses/partner under wraps?

For me I feel that my love for Su Yin, or even my family for that matter, is an extension of my relationship with God and I want people to know that fact. Its not because I just want to show off... yeah, maybe I want to show off... but its not in a hypocritical way. I truly believe that if you love someone people should be able to see it.

I know sometimes it might seem mushy and cliched but its one of my ways of letting Su Yin know that I love her. I know that people can read this blog and it may be a potential source of embarassment if things do not go well with us but its a risk I am willing to take. What is love if you do not risk it? Christ risked his all for me... knowing that I may reject Him. Shouldn't I do that for Su Yin as well???

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