Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Ramblings part 170805

Leslie bugged me to play Diablo 2 last night... He very 'keng', got work the next day still can play till late (until 2am). Yeah I know, some of you, young cikus are thinking... so early! I realise I can't stand much late nights anymore... signs of old age I guess :(

Playing D2 again brought me back to the time I played loads and loads of it when I was in Australia. The bunch of friends that I had was totally into D2 and we played and played and played... my best partners was Anson and Alister, the homeys from Kuching!

Anson liked to use Paladin and Alister liked to use Barbarian, I was the Ranged player... the Necromancer! Yeah, this character is a little puny at the beginning but when you reach the Nightmare and Hell level... hehe... he comes real handy. Moreover, I had 2 friends who loved absorbing damage. So I don't really mind. :)

Sighs... I miss some of my friends. :( Good thing I am still talking to Anson on an almost daily basis. :) Now to find Alister's contact...

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