Saturday, 6 August 2005

Friends... and Family

Just came back from a night out with a few of my friends... went to PC Fair to do some scouting before the main assault on Sunday and then went to Air Itam for bak kut teh, because one of them had a craving for chinese food with rice.

Anyway, that's not why I am writing this post... just want to reflect on something that cross my mind just now - it is so weird for friends you've known for a long time to start courting each other... seeing them hold hands and all.

Now before you start throwing your stones, I must qualify that I am very, very happy that they are together... cos they have been procastinating it for a long time (don't worry... there was a good reason for that... what, you ask? Go ask them :P). Just that I've seen the girl grown up from a cute young teenager to a beautiful young woman... and in my eyes, she'll always be this girl who's like a sister to me that I want to protect (and a spiritual daughter that I've nurtured in one way or another). She's like family to me. Of course, she is now in capable hands (I hope! Hehe...) but still... I have this funny feeling that I cannot explain, kinda like a mixture of pride and discomfort at the same time. I wonder if this is how parents would feel when they see their children start courting.

I guess I have to learn to let go... and it would be the second time I'll be doing that... cos there's another one of my "daughters" (this one in more ways than one, but not literally of course! Hehe...) whom I recently had to learn to go too... I had to learn to call them less and leave them to carry on with their lives, to learn not to feel anxious if they made the right decision, just learning to allow them to grow up on their own.
Its so beautiful when you see them so happy in their relationships and life but its also painful when they get hurt too. Still, I'm so glad because even if I let go, there's one person who will never leave nor forsake them... and He is our Heavenly Father. He has not only watch me grow up but every person since the beginning of time. He knows when to let go and when to draw us close. Hence, my heart is assured that they are in good hands, very good hands.

Hmmm... I wonder if this is what it would be like when I have my own children. :) I guess its like a good practice, eh?

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