Monday, 15 August 2005

Expandable blog posts

My recent posts about blogtiquette has courted some controversy. Its partly my fault, wrote that without thinking. Hence, some people are thinking that I'm really nasty and selfish... that I made something that's a molehill into a mountain. I guess I did, so those who are unhappy with the way I dealt with the situation - I am sorry.

Whew... with that off my chest, lets turn to something more interesting...

I was talking to Michael yesterday about finding ways to reduce the length of our posts when displayed on the main blog page and guess what? I found a way to do it! Someone shared this on their blog and so I'm gonna share it with you (see I'm not such a bad guy really...).

This technique is very useful if you are the kind of blogger that likes to write very long posts. It saves space (meaning more posts can be displayed on your site) and helps your blog load faster. If you are interested in the technique, go to the blog posting >> here.

As you can see I do also "borrow" code from people, just that I go beyond just the copy-n-paste process and modify it properly for my own site. Its really fun once you get the hang of it... its like modifying your cars or decorating your rooms or customising your computer desktop... it makes the code yours.

That's what I'm encouraging people to do. I don't mind copy-n-paste, that's how most people learn about HTML, CSS and the like anyway... but try and go beyond that, and in the process you'll learn something new and at the same time have fun making your blog unique, really... :)

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