Monday, 8 August 2005


I found an interesting illustration to describe a relationship (most likely I heard this illustration somewhere but I'll claim it as mine, for now... hehe).

I gave this illustration of what a relationship is like when I was talking to Su Yin's brother about girls (what else occupies a teenager's mind the most than that eh?) yesterday. I told him that its very hard to find the perfect girl/guy to start the perfect relationship because such things do not exist and that every relationship is like painting... with God as the painter.

When we start a relationship, its like a starting with new white canvas, ready to be painted. Then together with us, He starts to add a little colour to it, here and there... and slowly, slowly bit by bit, the painting is revealed. Sometimes its hard to see what the painter has in mind but we must learn to trust Him, allowing us to guide our decisions we make as a couple. Then, in the end, your painting will be regarded as truly beautiful... not only by yourselves, but by others too.

The same can be applied to each of our lives. We are the canvas on which God paints His masterpiece and He will not only paint our lives but together with us, paint the relationships we have around us... only if we let Him, that is.

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